Breaking Good: Repentance as a Way of Life

by Jack Wisdom
214 pages (hardback)
5.5 x 8.5
Published 2016 by Whitecaps Media
ISBN 978-1-942732-07-5
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“Breaking good” is the opposite of “breaking bad.” It means to embrace God’s way of seeing and living. It means to go “all-in” for Jesus and to live life the way he wants us to.

As the author says in his introduction, “This is a book about repentance—real blood-and-guts repentance—that starts with a broken heart and produces a radically new way of thinking and acting; repentance that permeates every aspect of our lives; repentance that prepares us to live as citizens and agents of the kingdom of God in this rebellious world; repentance as a practice and a process that is integral to following Jesus every day.”

“I am no Walter White, but breaking bad comes quite naturally to me. Breaking good, as in walking in a repentant life, is much more challenging because it requires me to lay down my pride, self-interest, and it calls me to walk in a new direction. This is a guidebook for breaking good, and I need to read it repeatedly. You should as well.”
Author and pastor Chris Seay

“Engaging. Winsome. Wise. Highly recommended.”
David B. Capes, Houston Graduate School of Theology

Jack Wisdom is a practicing attorney in Houston. He is a graduate of Trinity University and the University of Houston Law Center. Prior to becoming an attorney he was a Dallas police officer, completed seminary at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and served as a full-time staff member of Young Life. He and his wife Diana have two adult daughters. They live in Houston and are members of Ecclesia.

Jack is also the author of Get Low: Reflections on Pride and Humility.