Make Room
by Jeff Rees
$12.99 Hardback
$10.99 Softback
161 pages
5.25 x 8
Published 2015 by Whitecaps Media
ISBN 978-1-942732-03-07

hardback copy ($12.99)

softback copy ($10.99)

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“Anyone in a serious relationship will find this book most helpful.”
-- Gary Chapman, PhD., author of The 5 Love Languages

Living in your dream home is what everyone wants, but building that dream house is impossible unless you have the right blueprint and tools. The same can be said of healthy relationship. Everyone wants a marriage that’s full of intimacy and trust, but unless you use the right tools you’ll never get there.

In Make Room, Dr. Jeff Rees provides the tools and the blueprint for creating or improving serious relationships. Using the various rooms of your dream home and the aspects of life they represent, couples are presented with dozens of true-to-life case studies to review and share their perspectives with one another. Couples will discover, connect, embrace, learn, and support each other in deeper ways than before.

Building a great marriage is both God-honoring and personally rewarding. However, this building process is not without challenges. In Make Room, Jeff Rees provides a blueprint for navigating these challenges and for strengthening even the best marriages.”
-- Cara and Lance Berkman, six-time MLB All-Star

There is freshness in Jeff Rees’s insight, even (and especially) for those of us who have been married for decades. His emphasis upon communicating with your spouse is fantastic.”
-- Bob Mitchell, former president of Young Life

Dr. Jeffrey W. Rees has been caring for couples for over 30 years. He thrives on equipping couples with tools and methods that cultivate and maintain healthy, loving family relationships. He and his wife Martha live in Houston and are the parents of 3 grown children.