Get Low 200x300

Get Low: Reflections on Pride and Humility

by Jack Wisdom
200 pages (hardback)
5.5 x 8.5
Published 2010 by Whitecaps Media
ISBN 978-098368258-5
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Humility and its natural enemy, pride, color every area of our lives. Anyone seeking to follow Jesus needs to follow his example of humility and get low. Jack Wisdom examines how a proper understanding of humility impacts everything from our relationship with God to our view of history, bravery, prosperity, and over a dozen other topics.

"Get Low is the kind of book that serves as a mirror to our own pride. One moment you will be laughing and the next feeling exposed by Jack's candor. This is an amazing book and it will change you!"
Chris Seay, author of The Gospel According to Jesus, Pastor of Ecclesia, Houston

"Jack Wisdom's Get Low is a much needed book in today's world. Humility is a subject rarely spoken of, much less learned or practiced, even in our Christian context. Jack does a beautiful job of pinpointing bogus religiosity and reminding us that the kingdom of God can only be established through the humility and service of God's people. I highly recommend this book."
Rachel Quan, Executive Director, Renovaré

"Jack Wisdom has written a very fine piece of biblical theology that calls us to humility. He writes with a simplicity and clarity that matches his theme of humility and integrity. I found myself being drawn toward repentance and worship as I read. It is a pleasure to commend this book for wide reading and reflection."
Robert B. Sloan, Jr., President, Houston Baptist University, and former president of Baylor University

"Jack Wisdom is a brilliant attorney also trained in biblical theology. As a partner in a successful and powerful law firm, he is well-qualified to parade among the proud. His life and this book map an alternate path: the way of humility, simplicity, and service. Get Low masterfully weaves the biblical narrative with astute reflections to make a compelling case for the cruciform lifestyle of Jesus followers."
Dr. James H. Furr, President, Houston Graduate School of Theology

"Get Low is pithy, thoughtful, convicting, and liberating. I give Get Low my highest compliment: I want my children to read this book!"
Bruce Wesley, Pastor, Clear Creek Community Church, League City, Texas

"The only virtues Jesus ever claimed for himself are gentleness and humility. Jack Wisdom has dug deeply into the Scriptures and reflected faithfully on the Christian tradition, both ancient and modern, to encourage us to follow in the steps of the Master. Jack warns of the perils associated with pride and reminds us of the benefits awaiting those ready to get low. Highly recommended!"
David B. Capes, Thomas Nelson Research Professor, Houston Baptist University

"Get Low is a disturbing book and purposefully so. Jack Wisdom intends to disturb those of us who believe in Jesus but have negotiated for ourselves a lifestyle that looks nothing like the life our Lord lived. Be warned: for the comfortable and the complacent this book is not only dangerous, but necessary."
Rob Renfroe, National Chairperson of the Confessing Movement

Jack Wisdom is the husband of Diana and the father of two grown daughters. By day he is an attorney in Houston. Jack is a graduate of Trinity University, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and the University of Houston Law Center.

Jack is also the author of Breaking Good: Repentance as a Way of Life.