Whitecaps Media: Tell us about What Now? How did it come about?

Kit Sublett, author: As I explain in the book's preface, the idea for it came one night on a Young Life weekend trip with a bunch of high school kids.

These two senior boys came up to me and asked what they needed to do to go further in their walk with Christ. They had each accepted Christ a year or so earlier, but my sense was that they had not done as much with their faith as they wanted, and they were ready to take that next step.

As I began to answer their question, I thought to myself that there was so much to tell them, but our time that night was limited. I thought it would be great if I could give them a book that would help them really get going in their walks with Christ.

I thought for a moment and I couldn't think of a book like the one I wanted them to have. So I decided that I would write one myself.

Is this book a "follow-up" book? What do you mean by that?

Is this something that brand-new Christians should be given? Well, it has certainly been used for that, and I believe with some success, but that's not exactly who I wrote it for. I have actually written another book -- really a booklet -- for camp "follow-up." [Editor's note: that booklet, After Camp, is not available on this website, but can be found at Young Life camps around the country or by contacting Whitecaps Media by clicking on the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page.]

I originally began writing the book with high school kids in mind, like the two boys that came up to me on that Young Life trip. But I had a breakthrough at church one Sunday. As I surveyed the congregation that morning it occurred to me that many adults in church probably don't practice the basics of the faith day in and day out -- or at least might want a "refresher." So it really is like the back of the book says, "This book is for anyone who is seeking to deepen his walk with Christ."

Are you pleased with how it's been accepted? Very much so. I think what I've been the most surprised by is that some of the people who have enjoyed it the most are in their sixties!

So it isn't just for high school kids? Not at all. In fact, I even had a friend tell me she was reading it to her nine-year-old daughter and that the daughter was able to understand it.

Elementary school kids to senior citizens -- that's quite a range! How else has it been used? I know of several Bible study groups and Young Life Campaigner groups that have studied it together. Most of the readership, I think, has been individuals reading it for themselves.

Well, it seems appropriate to ask someone who wrote a book called What Now?, "What now?" What's next for you -- any more books? Oh, I think you can count on that -- and I hope Whitecaps Media will publish them!